The star goes down after pleading guilty to raiding the home of bandmate Carl Barat...

Estranged Libertines star PETE DOHERTY has been sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to raiding the home of bandmate CARL BARAT.

Doherty, 24, pleaded guilty to burglary after breaking in to Barat’s flat while the group were touring in Japan.

Today at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court Doherty was given a six month sentence (September 8).


The court previously heard that he kicked his way into Barat’s basement flat on July 25 and took items including an antique guitar, video recorder, laptop computer, mouth organ and CD player.

Richard Locke, defending the guitarist had asked for a community sentence to be imposed so Pete could seek treatment for his drug addiction.

But District Judge Roger Davies interrupted saying: “He probably was suddenly earning too much money for his age and began behaving irresponsibly. Unlike most of us who have to study and work hard, they suddenly acquire wealth.”

Doherty replied from the dock: “I have worked hard.”

The judge added: “Domestic burglary is always viewed seriously. You kicked down the door to the flat which was ransacked. What’s more, it’s against a colleague and a friend. This is a serious offence.”

Doherty looked stunned as sentence was passed. Family and friends sitting in the public gallery gasped and broke down in tears as the father of one was taken down to the cells.


In mitigation, Locke claimed the burglary was an “impulsive act” carried out in a “highly emotional and drug-addled state”. But he argued that the motivation behind the burglary was not to fuel Doherty’s drug habit. He said: “There is a long and acrimonious history between him and Mr Barat. As a result of drugs the band threw him out until he got himself sorted out.

“Mr Doherty’s perception was that he had been victimised and betrayed by the rest of the band. When he went round to the house his intention was only to speak with Mr Barat.

“But in a state of emotional anxiety he did kick the door down. It is an emotional rather than an inquisitive intent.”

Speaking outside court, Locke added: “We will be launching an immediate appeal against the sentence.”

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