The troubled star admits to raiding bandmate Carl's flat...

Estranged Libertines star PETE DOHERTY has admitted raiding the home of bandmate CARL BARAT.

Doherty, 24, pleaded guilty to burglary after breaking in to Barat’s flat while the group were touring in Japan.

Horseferry Road Magistrate’s Court heard that Doherty kicked his way into Barat’s basement flat last month (July 25).

The clerk of the court read out the list of items Doherty was alleged to have snatched, including an antique guitar, video recorder, laptop computer, mouth organ, CD player, an NME award and £200 in cash.

When asked to enter his plea, Doherty replied: “I plead guilty apart from the NME Award and cash, which I know nothing about.”

Prosecutor Emma Jones conceded that the award and cash had not been taken by the singer and the charge was amended.

Chairman of the bench Kerri Cutner adjourned the hearing until September 8 for a pre-sentence report, telling Doherty: “Custody remains an option.”