He's in a new version of The Libertines apparently - but he still wants to play the Carling Weekend with his old mates...

Estranged Libertines singer/guitarist PETE DOHERTY has formed a new band with the same name – but admits he still wants to play the CARLING WEEKEND shows with his old bandmates.

The band are currently touring without Doherty, with co-frontman Carl Barat saying his old friend was too ill to perform. But Doherty told NME.COM this is not the case, and that he’s getting on with his own thing.

He said: “I think he’s deluded about the extent of my overall deterioration. I think he hasn’t been able to write for a while.

“Over the years it’s always been the same. We’ll have a little fall out. Sometimes it’ll last six months. I’m not going to sit home like a wife like I used to back in the day. Like when he was out gallivanting round town and I’d be sitting at home sticking chords together.

“I’ve got a new band together. And we’re still called Libertines. If he’s playing in a band called Libertines then I’m going to play in Libertines without him.”

But Doherty says this does not mean the end of the road for him and Barat.

He admitted: “I’d play Reading and Leeds with Carl, definitely. I’d love to play all our songs any time. Anywhere. You know I’ll play them tonight. With Carl, without Carl. I don’t care. I can’t be arsed. I’m not going to mope about it.”