Debut single looks set to go Top 40 in spite of radio ban...

THE LIBERTINES’ debut single ‘WHAT A WASTER’ looks set to enter the Top 40 on Sunday (June 9) – despite being banned from daytime radio due its lyrical content.

The song, out June 3, features a chorus which runs – ‘What a waster/What a fucking waster/You pissed it all up the wall and round the corner where they chased her’ – and also makes references to a ‘two-bob c**t’ and the ‘Taliban’.

The single, on Rough Trade, is a double A-side with ‘I Get Along’, another song featuring the word ‘fuck’. An edited version of this, though, has been played on some stations and was Mark and Lard’s ’Single Of The Week’ on their BBC Radio 1 show.


Pete Doherty, one of the band’s two singers, said: “We’re amazed really, it’s our first single and we didn’t expect it to do so well. I heard ‘I Get Along’ on the radio, it took me half a minute to work out who it was. Then it hit me like a kick in the face. I’m as happy as parrot really.”

Asked about the references to the Taliban – (‘Meanwhile from under the covers she said/Save me from tomorrow man/Save me from the Taliban’/Oh no not me…’) – he explained,

“We used to have a bass player called Gary Matthus from Battersea. He seemed alright, but one day he told us he was going off to fight with the Taliban. I think he took his cousin from Luton with him. We haven’t seen or heard from him since.”

A spokesperson said that everyone was confident the track would chart after seeing pre-order figures.


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