Pete Doherty's ex threatens to take action if 'Horror Show' appears on the band's debut LP...

Libertines face being sued over a new song ‘HORROR SHOW’, the lyrics of which, written by an ex-girlfriend of singer/guitarist PETE DOHERTY, include the line: “I’ve been following your mind’s instruction… I’m gonna screw myself to death.”

Pete told NME.COM: “An ex-girlfriend wants to sue me over the lyrics. The words were written on a scrap of paper. It was there on the table, so I rang her up and said, ‘I’m going to use this because I’ve got a great melody’. She originally said, ‘Use what you want’ but now she’s ringing up my publisher at EMI saying she’s suing us.”

Pete admits he is scared of his ex, but band mate Carl Barat joked to NME.COM: “He’s scared of his own shadow.”


The band are currently investigating their legal position before releasing the album later this year with the disputed lyrics. But, whatever happens, Pete is already planning his revenge.

He told NME.COM: “I’m thinking of putting her picture on the cover, but all the pictures I’ve got of her would just look like a rip-off of The Strokes.”

The chorus of ‘Horror Show’‘ is controversial in itself and is seemingly about heroin. The lyrics are: “Come on down it’s a horror show/ Come on down the horse is brown”.

Pete told NME.COM the song sets the tone for the album: “There’s nothing nice about it – maybe the odd melody. I can’t listen to it myself without freaking out or becoming unsociable. I don’t know if that’s healthy.”


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