Pete Doherty to take drugs counsellor on tour with The Libertines

Counsellor Dylan Kerr will join the band on the road in November, reports confirm

The Libertines’ frontman Pete Doherty will take his drugs counsellor on tour with the band when they hit the road in support of their new album.

Doherty’s battles with drug abuse have been long documented, with the musician finishing rehabilitation treatment at the Hope Rehabilitation Centre in Thailand earlier this year.

The frontman’s counsellor, Dylan Kerr, will accompany Doherty and co on tour to “Mexico and beyond” in November, according to The Sunday Telegraph. A press representative for The Libertines has additionally confirmed the news to NME.


The Sunday Telegraph reports, “Doherty’s drug counsellor is now part of The Libertines’ inner circle… an Englishman called Dylan Kerr, 32, is present this evening, as he has been for much of the band’s five-week stay at the residential studio.”

“Earlier I asked him whether Doherty was, health-wise, in a good place,” the article continues. “‘Um, it’s difficult for me to say at the moment, really’ Kerr replied, his hesitance due, I sensed, only in part to patient confidentiality. ‘He’s obviously very happy with the way things are going. Performance-wise it has been pretty amazing, in some ways. He has achieved a hell of a lot’.”


The Libertines are set to release ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’, their first album in 11 years, on September 4. The 12-track album, the band’s third, follows their 2004 self-titled album and 2002 debut ‘Up The Bracket’.

In celebration of the album’s release, the group are hosting a “week of shenanigans” at famed, small Camden venue The Dublin Castle. The London events include a photo exhibition, documentary screening, album playback, pub quiz and other “surprises”, taking place from August 31 to the album’s release date on September 4.

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