Pete Doherty leaves rehab after completing treatment in Thailand

Singer is now recording with bandmates ahead of new album release

Pete Doherty has left rehab in Thailand, it has been confirmed.

Doherty was seeking treatment in the Hope facility for his long running heroin addiction. As the Daily Mail reports, he has now left the facility after apparently beating the drug and is recording with his Libertines bandmates in a studio at a secret beach location.

Simon Mott, who runs the rehab centre, confirmed that Doherty has departed after completing a treatment plan that included a combination of methadone, counseling, exercise and intense therapy. He also revealed that Doherty was sent heroin in the post on two separate occasions and that he relapsed in early December after being off heroin for nearly two months.


“He received a lot of fan mail which we searched before handing it over,” said Mott. “Sadly, on two occasions, we intercepted drugs we had to destroy. It sickened me that there are such disgusting people out there who would go to such lengths to sabotage his treatment.”

Both packages were sent from France – one arriving early on in his stay at Hope and the second at Christmas.

Doherty himself said that being drug-free has made him more creative. “Long before drugs, it was music that would raise my spirits or just make me want to live or believe in something,” he said. “It’s a great new drug, being clean. It’s not really a drug at all – it’s finding myself. Drugs don’t make you more creative and one of the great things about being clean is that I’ll be able to fulfill that side of things (my creativity) … I feel as if something inside me is shifting.”

Doherty hopes to be accompanied by a counselor from Hope when he goes on tour with The Libertines and plans to launch a fund to help other addicts get treatment at the rehab centre.

Carl Barât recently visited Doherty at the rehab facility and revealed to NME that the duo have written five new songs together for The Libertines’ third album. The band recently signed a major label contract with Virgin EMI and are due to release the album later this year.

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