Pete Doherty: ‘For more than ten years I’ve been powerless, but there’s a way out’

The Libertines' guitarist currently in a Thai rehabilitation facility

Pete Doherty has opened up about his struggles with addiction and path to rehabilitation.

In a confessional essay penned at the Hope Rehab Centre in Thailand and published by The Independent, The Libertines singer and guitarist recalled early experiences with drugs and the negative impact using had on the band.

“I remember after we signed that record deal I was offered a line of coke and I soon started washing it up and smoking crack,” wrote Doherty. “Carl [Barât] didn’t like it. He couldn’t stand crack or heroin, and he didn’t like the people I was hanging out with. So the band split up.”

“There were dark times, but I would just pick up my guitar and write a song and I’d think yeah that solves my problems, you can’t tell me anything. But eventually that stopped working. Doing gigs was a nightmare, and all the songs were so dark, how would I be able to perform if I wasn’t fucked up?”

Doherty also spoke of the future, asserting that his “creativity is going to flourish when I get clean” and has advised people with similar troubles to seek help.

“To anyone struggling with addiction, I would say this: just hang on, hang on,” he asserted. “There is a way out. You will heal. I don’t care how much damage you’ve done, you can heal. I would say ask someone for help, just get yourself along to an NA or AA meeting, you’ll be amazed. I know I was.”

Barât recently visited Doherty at the rehab facility and revealed to NME that the duo have written five new songs together for The Libertines’ third album.

“Pete’s in a great place,” he said. “We’re in a great place staying together. I’m gonna keep popping out and seeing how it is going, show him a bit of support. He’s grand, [rehab has] taken about 10 years off him. I have to pinch myself. These seem like great times.”