The Libertines announce their last gig “for the foreseeable future”

"It’s about time we took a break from playing live until we have something new for everyone to hear"

The Libertines have announced that their one day take-over at Kent’s Wheels & Fins Festival next month will be their last live performance for “the foreseeable future.”

The Indie icons will host their Sharabang Fest on September 9 – joined by a line-up that includes Chas & Dave, Cabbage and Reverend & The Makers.

But with projects including a new album and a Margate hotel on the horizon, the band say that it’s time to take a break from playing live.


“Peter, Gary, John and myself think it’s about time we took a break from playing live until we have something new for everyone to hear”, Carl Barat said.

“The Albion Rooms studio is finished, it’s beautiful and we want to concentrate all our efforts writing and recording the new album. This will make this last show very special indeed as it should bring this Libertines chapter to a close with a SharaBANG.”

It’s yet to be announced when the hotel will open.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that The Libertines will be the shirt sponsors for non-league side Margate FC.

They will be the official shirt sponsors for the 2018-19 season, which kicked off last weekend. The band’s logo will appear on the team’s home and away shirts as they compete in the Bostick Premier League.


Drummer Gary Powell also discussed their new hotel in a recent chat with NME, describing it as “extremely instrumental”.

The Libertines

“It’s going to be like harping back to the good old days of Pete and Carl’s Albion Rooms in Bethnal Green. They’d invite people round, they’d just hang out, it was a central spot and a mecca for their own creative endeavours and the opening up of other people’s ears to what was actually going on with them”, Powell explained.

“Obviously we can’t do that now because Pete is more in the public eye than he was so there would be a press interest if he invited people to his own gaff.

“It would create a fan frenzy. Plus we’ve all got families. There is no way that a bunch of people are coming round my gaff after midnight with beers and cigarettes for a bit of a shindig. That just ain’t happening, those days are gone. But we would like to have a place where we can expose ourselves and be open and honest with the people around us.”