Maccabees to collaborate with Roots Manuva?

Bands plot collaboration despite no phone signal at Glastonbury

The MaccabeesFelix White says that his band could be collaborating with Roots Manuva after this year’s Glastonbury.

The guitarist told BBC 6music that the group and singer wanted to meet at the bash, but despite not managing to catch-up they could be working out something this week.

“I didn’t manage to get any signal,” explained Roots Manuva, aka Rodney Smith, “But yeah, Felix, if we dont meet up [at the festival] come round on Monday or Tuesday and lets get this going.”

Smith said he was very keen to work with the indie band, who had previously expressed a desire to do something together.

“The song value and just the drasticness of what they do is really similar,” he said. “It’s right up my street you know. Were perfect bedfellows. For want of a better phrase, sonic bedfellows. Rock is more than just rock ‘n’ roll. Rock is a child of jazz and hip-hop is a child of rock ‘n’ roll, so it’s all one big extension of sonic fun and frivolousness.”