The Maccabees say they wanted new album to sound like ‘old men playing in a Moroccan hash bar’

Fourth record 'Marks To Prove It' will be released in July

The Maccabees have spoken about their upcoming new album.

‘Marks To Prove It’ will be released on July 31, the group’s fourth record to date and follow up to ‘Given To The Wild’, released in 2012.

Providing a track-by-track account of the LP in this week’s issue of NME, available digitally and on newsstands now, the band revealed how the story arc of the album relates to the progression of “day into night into day again”, with the track ‘Slow Sun’ featuring sound recordings of people commuting early in the morning, “when some people are still awake and some people are going to work”.

Describing the song ‘Ribbon Road’, guitarist Hugo White said, “It’s a track where we tried to be more patient than we normally are with music. It rumbles along and it’s kind of repetitive and it envelopes you with that patience.” Fellow guitar player Felix White added, “The initial idea was for it to sound like old men playing in a Moroccan hash bar. It doesn’t sound anything like that, but you have to start far out to get there sometimes.”

The album also features the piano-led ‘Pioneering Systems’, which Hugo claims is “the first time we’ve ventured into more old-school, natural-sounding, stripped-back territory”.

The ‘Marks To Prove It’ tracklisting is as follows:

‘Marks To Prove It’
‘Ribbon Road’
‘Spit It Out’
‘River Song’
‘Slow Sun’
‘Something Like Happiness’
‘WW1 Portraits’
‘Pioneering Systems’
‘Dawn Chrous’

Earlier this year at the NME Awards 2015 with Austin, Texas, the band’s Felix White said the three-year gap between new material was to ensure quality. He added: “It just had to be good enough. We thought it was going to be finished a year ago, but it just wasn’t quite there and now I think it’s magic, so it’s done.” In a new statement about the album, Hugo White said: “These new songs are a reminder of why we started the band. With the enthusiasm to play music that’s exciting and makes us excited.”

Watch video footage of that interview below.