The Maccabees reveal ‘We haven’t written anything on tour for a year’

Band tell NME there are no new ideas for next album – and hint at a major tour

The Maccabees have told NME they have yet to write any new material since the release of their album ‘Marks To Prove It’.

The band have previously written on the road, but said there has been no sign of new songs since ‘Marks To Prove It’ was released in July 2015.

Guitarist Felix White told NME: “We’ve got nothing in the way of new songs or ideas at the moment. We’ve written on tour in the past, but we just haven’t done it this time around. We haven’t talked about new songs as a band at all.”

White hinted that, following last weekend’s headline show at Latitude, The Maccabees may be about to announce a new tour. He said: “There might be some big shows at the end of the year. That’s as far ahead as we’re looking.”

Singer Orlando Weeks revealed he was so focused on Latitude – The Maccabees’ first major festival headline show – that he had been unable to think about much else. Weeks said: “I can’t really concentrate on anything at the moment. I hope after Latitude that it brings me some clarity and focus.” He added: “We’re going to take some time after we finish touring ‘Marks To Prove It’ before we think about what to do next.”

With ‘Marks To Prove It’ celebrating the first anniversary of its release on July 31, Weeks recalled its release, which was marked with an in-store at Surrey record shop Banquet Records.

Weeks said: “That was a pretty intense week. Banquet was great, as it was nice and nostalgic to be crammed into a van, jumping out to play a show on a 1ft-square stage.”

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