Maccabees’ Orlando Weeks unveils debut single from side-project Young Colossus

Singer tells NME he wanted to write new material with a 'different voice'

The Maccabees‘ frontman Orlando Weeks has launched a new side-project called Young Colossus – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to hear the first material from the venture, ‘Sleeper’.

The singer launched the project, which also features musician Nic Nell, on Monday (March 26). They have partnered with illustrator Robert Hunter for a storybook that is accompanied by a six-track EP.

Speaking to NME about the project, Weeks said: “At the end of the last lot of touring, about two years ago, I started doing bits and pieces that didn’t feel like they’d fit anywhere, but I didn’t want to throw them away.”

He continued: “I was trying to write stuff with a different voice – using lots of pitch shifting so I could concentrate on the melody rather than how much I was annoyed about my own voice – and as I slowly compiled more and more of it started sounding like characters more than like me so I went with that and after a while it started manifesting itself into a shape.”

The EP, which also features vocals from Alessi’s Ark singer Alessi Laurent-Marke, is available from and each one comes with a 24-page storybook with drawings by Robert Hunter.

Speaking about why he partnered with an illustrator, Weeks said: “Originally I was thinking about trying to find an animator or making a short film. Then I saw Rob’s drawings and suddenly just felt they were made for each other in the feel and atmosphere and style – it suddenly clicked and felt really natural.”

The Maccabees play their biggest UK show to date at London’s Alexandra Palace in June.