The Maccabees reveal new album ‘Given To The Wild’ has a ‘cinematic’ feel

Band's third album will be released on January 9

The Maccabees have revealed that their forthcoming new album ‘Given To The Wild’ has a “cinematic” feel.

The band, who are set to release the LP on January 9, explained that they wanted to ensure it had a “soundtrack quality” and have spoken of the “bold move” of making the album an hour long.

“For the first time we weren’t thrashing it out in a rehearsal room, we were writing on our own, at home or in our studio,” singer Orlando Weeks told The Sun. “I think that is why the record sounds so cinematic, because it’s constructed from different pieces of music we had written.”

Speaking about the band’s ambitions for the album, guitarist Felix White added:

As we’ve got better, we’ve also got bigger. And the more successful we get, the more freedom we seem to have. There doesn’t have to be a compromise between success and creative output.

Last week (December 25), NME.COM users were given an exclusive first look at the video for their new single ‘Feel To Follow’, which you can view by scrolling down and clicking.

Weeks explained that the band wanted to create a documentary feel on the video, commenting: “The video reveals areas of the London Underground system that have been unseen for 50 years and beautiful buildings that have become derelict.”

‘Given To The Wild’, which is the band’s third studio album, was co-produced by DFA Records’ Tim Goldsworthy.