The Maccabees: ‘Our new album proves people who slagged us off wrong’

Band say they're pleased to have fulfilled fan's hopes in them

The Maccabees have revealed that they feel their new album ‘Given To The Wild’ will prove the people who “slagged” them off wrong.

The Brighton-based band release the LP, which is their third studio effort, on January 9, and in an interview with Fake DIY, they said that they believed they had started to repay the faith shown to them by their fans.

Talking about the new record, guitarist Felix White said:

It’s like, we’re proving something to the people that slagged us off on the basis of the first album, for those people that saw something in the band.

He went on to reveal that the band had changed their approach in the recording studio, adding: “It’s definitely an ambitious album. With the last record, while we were writing it, we’d look to play a few songs to people, just sort of gauge it.

“And with this one we didn’t do that, we just ploughed through and concentrated on it, but with enough of a view to how it would translate.”

Last week, The Maccabees unveiled their new single ‘Pelican’, which is the first track to be taken from ‘Given To The Wild’. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to listen.

The Maccabees will tour the UK in January in support of the album, playing five shows, these kick off in Glasgow at Queen Margaret’s Union on January 23 and run until January 28, when the band will play Manchester‘s HMV Ritz.

You can watch a video interview with The Maccabees discussing ‘Given To The Wild’ at this summer’s Bestival by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.