The Maccabees on new album: ‘We’re finding the names hard’ – video

The band admit half their new album doesn't have song titles

The Maccabees have admitted that many of the songs on their forthcoming album don’t have titles yet.

Speaking to NME at Bestival the band said that, although they were close to the end point with the record, they didn’t know what the name some of the tracks. The Brighton indie band, who have spent the last year working on the follow-up to their 2009 second album ‘Wall Of Arms’.

In the interview, which can be viewed above, Hugo White said: “Some of them don’t have names, we’re finding the names really difficult. You should never leave the names to last (minute) you should do that early otherwise you get stuck! “

Speaking about what stage the recording was in, he said: “We’re trying to finish mixing the record at the moment, it’s at the final stage so it’s all go.”

Bandmate Orlando Weeks added: “One song is finished, we’d happily play it anybody but the other 11 are in various states of… undress.”

When asked about the sound of the album, Weeks only said: “I think this is a really different record, it’s taken us nearly two years to get together,” before adding: “I don’t know how to describe it.”