The Magic Numbers announce new EP plans

Singer Romeo Stodart also wants to work with Yusuf Islam

The Magic Numbers are putting the finishing touches to a new EP.

Five songs will be included, two of which will definitely appear are ‘Undecided’ from the band’s 2006 LP ‘Those The Brokes’ and new track ‘Fear Of Sleep’.

“It’s very different from our other stuff and I think it’ll surprise a few people,” singer Romeo Stodart told NME.COM. “‘Fear Of Sleep’ is one most of the exciting tracks we’ve done in a while. It turned out so well that we were even considering releasing it as a single.”

Explaining the track he added: “It’s about when you’re trying to get some sleep and all these mad thoughts are going around your head. There’s a lyric in there which goes: ‘If I fall asleep tonight will it all remain the same’. Basically it’s about how paranoid you get about something changing when you’re waking up.”

The singer, who presented his idol Yusuf Islam (also known as Cat Stevens), with the Outstanding Song Collection gong at the Ivor Novello Awards yesterday (May 24), also admitted that he’d love to collaborate with his hero, who he has jammed with in the past.

He added: “It would be cool because we got along really well. It would also be a big deal to work with him to me because I’ve grown up listening to his music. Just getting to meet the man himself and play the guitar with him in the studio was a real honour for me.”

The Magic Numbers‘ as-yet-untitled EP is due out in July.