Magnetic Fields unveil new album

'Distortion' will be out in January

Magnetic Fields have announced details of a new album. ‘Distortion’, the band’s eighth album and first since 2004.

The record will be out on January 14.

Magnetic Fields’ Stephen Merritt has indicated that the album will be louder more gentle previous work.

“I don’t know if anyone has done feedback piano before,” he said in a statement about the album. “The whole record has feedback acoustic piano. We put the amplifier directly up against the frame of the piano and turned it up enough to start feeding back.”

The tracklisting will be:


‘California Girls’

‘Old Fools’

‘Xavier Says’

‘Mr Mistletoe’

‘Please Stop Dancing’

‘Drive On, Driver’

‘Too Drunk To Dream’

‘Till The Bitter End’

‘I’ll Dream Alone’

‘The Nun’s Litany’

‘Zombie Boy’


Merritt also explained that while the band will play some American residency dates to support the album’s release, Magnetic Fields will not be touring the album.