The band speak for the first time about their devastation over the death of 'sound manipulator' Jeremy Ward...

Mars Volta have spoken to NME.COM about the untimely death of bandmate JEREMY WARD – saying their new album has become a tribute to his life.

The acclaimed ‘De-Loused In The Crematorium’ was released last Monday (June 23). However, the band were dealt a devastating blow last month when ‘sound manipulator’ Ward, who worked on every song on the record, was found dead in his LA home.

Speaking for the first time since his death, the cause of which is still to be determined, Cedric Bixler told NME.COM they’re still in deep shock about the whole thing.


“It’s fresh,” he said. “It’s something that brings us down a lot of the time. I think he would’ve wanted us to keep playing music. It was just a mistake that happened. Jeremy is one in a line of kids in El Paso that we’ve known that’ve passed away before the age of 30 so it’s kind of weird. They all have names beginning with J, it’s just kind of ironic that way.”

Cedric is taking some comfort from a stray rabbit, which appeared at Jeremy’s flat within hours of his death. “I’m here with this gigantic albino bunny rabbit we found when Jeremy died,” he explained. “When everything happened (with Jeremy) we found this albino rabbit that just showed up at our apartment and it hasn’t left our side since. He’s like a little dog. He’s a mascot for the house right now. I always thought Jeremy looked like a rabbit when he shaved! We took it as an omen, one of his last practical jokes on us.

“I’m just a superstitious person. Like keeping the rabbit. I think there’s something to it, you know? Some of your readers might think we’re off our rockers, but it has for me different meanings. I don’t know about destiny, but the whole thing is very odd.”

Mars Voltareturn to the UK next month for gigs at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms (July 8) and London Camden Electric Ballroom (9).

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