The Melvins debut new tour poster showing Courtney Love kissing Kurt Cobain’s skeleton

It's not necessarily a dig...

Influential alt-rockers The Melvins have debuted a new tour poster that appears to show Courtney Love kissing Kurt Cobain’s skeleton.

The Washington band released their 27th album ‘Pinkus Abortion Technician’ earlier this year and supported the record with an extensive touring schedule.

Ahead of a show in Colorado earlier this month, they debuted the out-there tour poster which shows Cobain and Love locked in an unusual embrace with her late husband and Nirvana frontman.


Posting on Twitter, the artwork’s creator confirmed that the poster was not a dig at the pair.

“I’m the artist of the poster. I have done several Melvins prints”, he admitted.

“The band is amazing to work with and gives artists total creative freedom. This is my artistic vision and the band provided no input or art direction.”

Although it’s unclear if the poster is a supposed dig at Cobain and Love, Melvins singer Buzz Armstrong previously dismissed the 2015 documentary ‘Montage of Heck’ as “90 percent bullshit”.

“I find it amusing that the filmmakers never bothered to fact-check simple stuff like this, and just took Kurt and Courtney at their word”, he told Talkhouse.


“That’s a bit risky when you’re supposed to be making a behind-the-scenes documentary — but not surprising considering that not a lot of what’s out there about Kurt is the truth anyway. But no one seems to care. Unfortunately, it matters very little what the facts are; what matters is what people believe. And when it comes to Cobain, most of what they believe is fabricated nonsense. Montage Of Heck does nothing to counter that. With that in mind, it’s really hard to take any of this film seriously…”

“I suppose this movie will be interesting for Nirvana completists, because it certainly reinforces their already twisted view of the man. I found it to be mostly misguided fiction.”

Courtney Love is yet to respond to the artwork.