Noel Fielding interviews Bryan Ferry: ‘I’m worshipped by a tribe in the Congo’ – video

Final part of the pair's chat also sees them discussing Fielding's Ferry-inspired art exhibition

Bryan Ferry is worshipped by a tribe who live in the Congo who believe he travels to them nightly in an “invisible plane”.

Speaking in the final part of his NME interview conducted by The Mighty Boosh‘s Noel Fielding – which you can watch on the right now – the pair discuss the Roxy Music man’s unique status in Africa – and no, it isn’t a plot from the comic’s TV series.

“I was thinking of going to the Congo… they’ve found this tribe that were worshiping me, it’s absolutely true,” explained Ferry. “I thought this was natural [laughs]. They said ‘He comes here in his invisible areoplane’.


“I didn’t want anyone to know about that plane! [laughs]. I guess it’s an offshoot of that thing in the Congo where they dress up very cool, there’s a whole mod culture.”

The pair also speak about art, including Fielding‘s current exhibition Bryan Ferry Vs The JellyFox, which is taking place at the Gallery Maison Bertaux in London‘s Soho until January. Fielding even received his hero’s blessing for his paintings of the singer.

“I saw a great one of [Noel‘s paintings] of me up a tree in a white tuxedo,” recalled Ferry. “It was really cool!”

Watch part three of the pair’s exclusive NME interview on the right now, which also features some of the works from Fielding‘s exhibition – all images courtesy of Tania Wade at Hooligan Art Dealer, photos by Rachel Emms – including the Church Of Ferry.

Head to for full details of Bryan Ferry Vs The JellyFox exhibition.

Meanwhile you catch watch part one and two of Fielding and Ferry‘s NME chat below.


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