Mighty Boosh reveal Robin Williams hook-up at DVD launch

Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt meet their public

The Mighty Boosh cast answered questions from fans at a London launch party for their new DVD last night (November 16) – revealing a bizarre hook-up they had with actor Robin Williams in Los Angeles.

Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, Dave Brown, Mike Fielding and Rich Fulcher fielded questions from competition winners at the venue following a screening of the DVD of their UK tour ‘Future Sailors’.

Explaining the meeting between the gang and William, Fulcher revealed the legendary comic had attended a performance of theirs in Los Angeles earlier in the year. “Robin Williams came into the dressing room doing [Boosh character] The Crack Fox, Fielding revealed. “He’s a lot smaller than I thought. The size of a cashew nut.”


The question and answer session was attended by many hardcore fans dressed as Boosh characters including Old Gregg and Tony Harrison. The session was somewhat chaotic, with fans walking up to the stage to take photos and kiss the comedy troupe members throughout.

Barratt talked about the film they are working on, saying, “We’re writing it now. Putting things on paper, doing drawings, touching each other.” Speaking of the album they’re working on, he confirmed that they were, “laying down some crunchy beats, taking the edge off some riffs.”

Reminiscing about the ‘Future Sailors’ tour, Brown said: “Dublin and Belfast were the most amazing gigs, then Wakefield.” Fielding added: “Glasgow was awesome. People were cutting bits off their bodies and throwing them onstage.”

They also gave some insight into life on The Mighty Boosh tour bus. “Dave and Mike fight the whole time about the most absurd things,” Fielding revealed. “Like, Dave will come in and say, ‘That’s my spoon’. For a Pot Noodle. And anyway, you need a fork for a Pot Noodle. Rich is not like the father or mother, he’s more like the child.”

Fulcher went on to reveal that “No-one was allowed to do a number two on the bus.” Speaking about his favourite part of the show, he said, “I loved it when I would be on the ladder. Julian would walk under and I would have my legs spread.”


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