The Modern reveal all about chart ‘rigging’

The band speak out

The Modern have revealed that one member’s dad was the true reason behind their disqualification from the UK singles chart.

Chi Tudor Hart’s father bought 141 copies of ‘Industry’ online, which led the official chart company to disqualify the band after suspecting chart rigging.

The keyboard player, however, stresses his father was not attempting any kind of illegal influence on the charts.

Hart told The Star: “He’s in Austria with my mum and he went online to get copies to send to family and friends.”

‘Industry’ was expected to enter the chart at Number 13, but was disqualified from the chart on March 9.

“We were devastated as it wasn’t something any of the band were aware of,” said Hart.

Previously the band had blamed “over-enthusiastic fans”, and have now asked that when their album, ‘Life In The Modern World’, is released in May, fans buy no more than two copies each.