Indie band disqualified from UK charts

The Modern blame ‘over-enthusiastic fans’

New band The Modern have been disqualified from the UK singles chart.

The group, who were looking at a Number 13 placing for single ‘Industry’, were kicked out of last week’s chart on March 9 after too many copies of the record were ordered by individuals.

“Due to over-enthusiastic members of the band’s fans and family, unacceptable amounts of records were digitally ordered per person online,” explained the band in a statement issued to NME.COM. “Sadly, rather than these sales ending up supporting the band, this has resulted in The Modern’s chart position of number 13 being deemed invalid according to the Official UK Charts Company‘s (OCC) strict rules and regulations.”

Explaining their decision the OCC stated: “During the course of last week OCC’s market research agency identified unusual sales patterns related to the physical formats of this release. Further security checks revealed that significant bulk purchases had been made on this single through one online retailer.

“Many of the bulk sales identified were traced to persons and/or organisations seemingly connected to the band. For this reason OCC took the decision to disqualify the record from the chart published on Sunday (March 12) as the vast majority of sales could not be verified as genuine purchases by music buyers.”

The OCC added that while they make small allowances for keen fans trying to improve their favourite band’s chart placings, in this instance “standard data checks revealed hundreds of copies being purchased by a handful of individuals. Under these circumstances to preserve the integrity of the Official Top 40 the action was taken to remove the single from the chart”.

For their part, The Modern are keen to make sure it never happens again.

“The band are keen to stress they thank their fans for their loyalty and support, and are saddened by the OCC’s decision, but understand the integrity of the UK charts must be upheld,” added their statement.

The Modern ask that, when their album ‘Life In The Modern World’ is released in May, that everyone contains themselves, and buys no more than two copies – so there can be no dispute over sales.”