Toothpaste ad turns Moldy Peaches into South American stars by accident

Duo's 'Juno' success followed by 'unauthorised' commercial

The Moldy Peaches have discovered one of their songs has become a hit in South America – and the duo knew nothing about it.

The now defunct anti-folk pair, who are currently riding high in the US album charts thanks to the inclusion of their track ‘Anyone Else But You’ on the soundtrack for teen comedy movie ’Juno’, discovered their song ’Jorge Regula’ was being used in a toothpaste advert across the continent.

“At least with ’Juno’ they asked our permission to use the song,” Adam Green – who was one half of the New York duo – told NME.COM. “Recently we’ve had music in adverts and people haven’t even asked. We had to hunt down lawyers in South America to sue toothpaste companies that have used songs of mine.”


Green – who led the band with Kimya Dawson – explained that the pair only discovered the advert by accident.

“The only reason we found out about the commercial was we started winning awards for best commercial of the year in Argentina,” he said. “Friends of mine would come back and say ‘Hey, I was just on holiday in Chile and you song is on the TV and radio all the time!’.”

For the full story of the advert, The Moldy Peaches’ brush with Hollywood and details of Adam Green’s new solo album, get this week’s issue of NME, on UK newsstands now.

In the meantime, you can watch the advert featuring ’Jorge Regula’ on NME Office Blog now.

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