The Music debut new songs at tiny London gig

Rob Harvey and co. make their live return

The Music returned to the live circuit tonight (March 4), playing an intimate gig at the London Barfly venue during which they debuted a five brand new songs showcasing a new, dance-orientated sound.

The new songs will feature on the band’s forthcoming third album, set to be released this Spring, which saw producers Flood and Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll man the mixing desk.

Sporting a shaven head, singer Rob Harvey led his band through opener ‘The Spike’, a new song that showcases the band’s new dance influence with a throbbing bass-line and New Order-esque chorus.


‘Get Through It’, another new song, showed a Primal Scream influence, with a drum pattern echoing that of Bobbie Gillespie’s band’s hit ‘Swastika Eyes’.

The crowd, made up of hard-core fans who snapped up their tickets weeks ago, responded fervently to old favourites such as ‘Take The Long Road And Walk It’, but also cheered new songs and showed support for Harvey when he asked whether they liked them between numbers.

“We’ve missed it man,” said Harvey after playing ‘No Weapon Sharper Than Will’, referring to his band’s long-term absence from the live music scene. “We’ve really fucking missed it.”

The band ended their hour-long set with an extended version of ‘Bleed From Within’, which saw guitarist Adam Nutter and bassist Stuart Coleman play two sets of drums with drum sticks for a rousing tribal-style climax.

The Music played:

‘The Spike’


‘Take The Long Road And Walk It’

‘Get Through It’

‘Freedom Fighters’

‘Strength In Numbers’

‘The Truth Is No Words’

‘The Left Side’

‘The People’

‘No Weapon Sharper Than The Will’


‘Bleed From Within’