The Music storm the Isle of Wight Festival

Robert Harvey shows off impressive moves as The Music rock the Big Top Tent

The Music blew the top off the Big Top tent at the Isle of Wight festival this evening (June 15).

Shaven-headed frontman Robert Harvey danced manically through an intense psychedelic set heavy on material from their new album ‘Strength In Numbers’.

‘The Spike’ and ‘Strength In Numbers’ were highlights but it was older songs ‘Freedom Fighters’ and ‘The People’ which really got the whole tent bouncing.


Ending with an extended raved-up version of ‘Bleed From Within’, Harvey declared to huge cheers: “We’re the fucking Music!”

The Music played:

‘Get Through It’

‘The Spike’

‘Freedom Fighters’

‘The People’


‘Strength In Numbers’

‘No Weapon Sharper Than Will’


‘Bleed From Within’

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