Yep, you'll be able to download 'Welcome To The North' here...

Music will release the first material from their second album as a download – and NME.COM will be the place to get it.

‘Welcome To The North’, the track previewed at the band’s NME Awards show at the London Astoria, will also be available to download from the band’s official website [url=]themusic.co.uk from July 19.

The single was recorded with Pearl Jam and Korn producer Brendan O’Brien earlier this year in Atlanta.

The band’s currently untitled second album is expected in September, and will feature 12 tracks, including forthcoming single ‘Freedom Fighters’, which will be released shortly before the album.

[a][/a] made their triumphant return to the live scene last month, playing at the Homelands festival, and sold out warm-up gigs in Glasgow and Liverpool.

Rumours are circulating that the band will announce a full tour of the UK to coincide with the album’s release later in the year.

Click back soon to find out exactly how to get your hands on the download.