The free show in Liverpool is a resounding success...

Music and BADLY DRAWN BOY were amongst the acts taking part in a free anti-racism gig in LIVERPOOL over the Bank Holiday weekend (May 30).

The Love Music Hate Racism event, which aimed to stamp out the British National Party’s presence in the North-West, also featured Rodney P And Skitz, Haven, and Bloc Party.

The campaign is aiming to raise awareness and prevent the BNP chairman Nick Griffin winning a seat for the North-West in the European elections.


The gig was supposed to take place in Manchester’s Castlefield Arena and feature more acts, but police concerns about safety meant that the gig was moved to Liverpool, angering Manchester inhabitants and many of the acts taking part.

Robert Harvey, frontman with Haven, explained his interest in the cause to NME.COM. He said: “We’ve been tracking the cause as a band for a long time, and this is an opportunity to do something about it. It’s 2004, and people are still racist in many places in the world, and it’s got to stop.”

Badly Drawn Boy, aka Damon Gough, said: “I always have this hope in my heart that one of my albums is played to Saddam Hussein, or any aggressor and they go: ‘Hold on a minute, this is great, what have we been doing for the last ten years wasting our energy on screwing other people’s lives up?’”

[/a] vocalist Gary Briggs explained: “Its good to be involved in it as it’s something that effects everybody in one way or another, and I think that anything that any one can do to raise awareness. I think it’s shocking that the Manchester police pulled the plug on the Castlefield event.”

Keli Okereke from Bloc Party said: “This gig is important to us as two of the band are of different racial origins, we felt it was a good idea to take part as it effects us.”

[a]Haven played three new songs from their forthcoming album, titled ‘Welcome To The North’, ‘Freedom Fighters’, and ‘Bleed From Within’.