Britpack elder statesmen look to Marvin Gaye and Nirvana for second album inspiration...

Music frontman ROBERT HARVEY has declared his intention for the band’s new record is to “help music”.

The group are currently holed up in Leeds’ Soundworks studios working on their as-yet untitled second album, due for release later this year.

Harvey told NME.COM: “When there’s twats like Simon Cowell around, music’s going down the pan,” he seethed. “It’s such a mess at the moment.Cowell claims he’s doing something for people, giving them a chance to be famous. But he’s stringing all these kids along. He’s just lining his pockets, the fucking loser.”

Although the band are still in the early stages for the record and have yet to decide on a producer, they have some untitled songs resulting from their time on the road in support of their 500,000-selling debut.

“We’ve been off tour nearly three months,” says Harvey. “We had a bit of a break ‘cause we’d been touring for two years, so we were all pretty fucked. But we got back and all bought houses in the same village, just normal stuff.”

Instead of writing new material on the road, the band worked on ideas individually. Harvey said: “We work off feeling and vibe and the back lounge of a tourbus is not normally the most vibey place. But we’ve just finished decorating the studio. It’s not really a big place, but we painted it. Now we’ve got the lights off and some candles on the go. Vibe is important, because we’re not technical musicians or anything like that, we work on our feelings. We express ourselves and communicate through music and that’s our strength.”

Harvey claims that the band aren’t listening to any music at the moment other than their own, but when pushed cited Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Nirvana as influences.

Newly booze and fags-free, Harvey is looking forward to starting work on the album in earnest. He said: “We’re just going to try and get it done as quickly as possible. We understand that people want to hear new stuff from us. I want to just take a shower and forget about everything. Just use music to clean my mind and pretend I’m just a kid in a band again trying to make tunes for the first time.”

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