The band say the've got "plenty of ideas" - and want to get their second LP out next year...

Music have revealed details about the follow-up album to last year’s self-titled debut, which could be out by early next year.

The band, who have been touring across America with Coldplayand Music, are to come back to the UK and begin writing songs for the yet untitled album.

Singer Robert Harvey told NME: “We’re dying to just like fucking get some new stuff done man… We’ve got plenty of ideas that we’re working on. We have stuff floating around and the occasional jam.”

Phil Jordan, Music’s drummer, also revealed information about the content of the album, saying, “The first album was basically a diary of us growing up… So I guess the next one is going to be a very brief diary of what we are all feeling now after we’ve done this, since we made the first album. So, it is like from last May until now.”

He also disclosed that the techno adornments of the debut would most likely feature on their second album as well. “My biggest regret is, I think we used them too much,” he said. “But, you know, they are definitely going to be there on the next album, just more subtle.”

In an interview with Billboard, Jordan also stated: “I do have days when I do think about (the pressure) and it does get on top of me… But I think the best way is just to deal with how we dealt with how we dealt with everything and just be naive about it and just forget about it and just do what we want to do.”

Music will be returning home to a newly built studio space. Bassist Stuart Coleman said, “We just got our own practice place back home… We just need a couple of weeks to get back in that place.”

Jordan added that the band’s age is helping them deal with their current success. He said, “Naivete is one of the greatest things involved. You can only push down barriers by being naive, so that’s a great thing for us. Nobody knows what it is like to do this game. Everybody has their opinion of the rock ‘n’ roll life, but it is nothing like that at all. I don’t regret doing this, but it is a lot harder than everybody thinks.”

The band will be appearing at the T in the Park Festival (July 12-13) and the Carling Weekend Reading/Leeds Festivals (August 22-24).

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