The band provide the music for the Colour Changing Spiral 2003...


have recorded a 15-minute musical score to accompany a forthcoming art installation.

Colour Changing Spiral 2003 – a piece of artwork by Rob and Nick Carter – will be on display at London’s Sketch on October 17 at 11.30pm.

Singer Robert Harvey told NME.COM: “We’ve always been inspired by Rob and Nick’s art – that’s why we wanted to use it on our record sleeves. We always had it in mind to collaborate on something at some time and this was the first opportunity that’s come along when we had the time to do it.

“We get asked to contribute music for films quite a lot and that’s something we’d like to do in the future but this was something different,” he added. “Making music to soundtrack someone’s work like this is a cool thing for us to try.”

The band are aiming to upload the soundtrack and specially designed artwork onto their website –[url=] – in the near future.