The group's gig at Blackpool Empress Ballroom makes Robert Harvey's neck hair stand on end...

Music followed in the footsteps of seminal bands like STONE ROSES with an electrifying show at the BLACKPOOL EMPRESS BALLROOM last night.

The Leeds band, fresh from a tour with Music in the US, played the first of two seaside shows in Blackpool last night (May 2), to 2,000 fans who had travelled from all four corners of the country.

However, it was worth the wait for both singer Robert Harvey and the crowd alike. He told NME.COM: “It’s pretty special every time we play England, it’s taking it a step forward. The first song, as soon as it kicked in, the hairs went on my neck, I was just trying to stay cool.”

Response from the fans was electrifying. Fan Bernie Lackey told NME.COM: “They’re so raw. Some music is good but it doesn’t get you right inside. The Music really create this energy, the whole crowd can feel it.”

The set list ran: ‘The Dance’

‘Jag Tune’

‘Truth Is No Words’



‘New Instrumental’

‘The People’

‘Turn Out The Light’


‘Too High’


‘Take The Long Road And Walk It’


‘Walls Get Smaller’

[a][/a] play Bridlington Spa this evening as part of their mini-tour of seaside towns.