The Naked And Famous: ‘We’d love to soundtrack a zombie video game’

Band also reveal remix collaboration plans

The Naked And Famous have admitted they would love to score a zombie video game.

The New Zealand band, who are self-confessed gaming geeks, chatted to NME about the prospect of soundtracking a horror game before tonight’s show at The Great Escape festival in Brighton.

“We’d love to soundtrack a computer game, maybe a zombie game because we’re all fans of really heavy guitars,” said singer Alisa Xayalith. “I hear Resident Evil 6 is being made and it would be awesome to do a soundtrack for that. We could make something triumphant and extravagant.”

The five-piece also said they are currently working on a remix of Morgan Kibby‘s 2010 ‘White Heat E.P’ track ‘Mountaineer’.

“She has already done a remix of our single ‘Young Blood’ for us and it is definitely one of our favourites, so we wanted to do a remix of one of her tracks,” Xayalith said. “We haven’t finished it, but it sounds very drony so far.

“It has our sound stamped on it though,” added bassist David Beadle. “When we write something musical that’s how it instinctively normally turns out.”

Later the band performed a series of tracks from their debut album ‘Passive Me, Agressive You’ including ‘Young Blood’ and ‘Punching In A Dream’.

“We played here for the first time in February down by the beach and it was amazing so we couldn’t wait to perform here again tonight. Our album has been out for a while now too so the crowd knew the songs,” Xayalith added.

The Naked And Famous played:

‘All Of This’
‘Punching In A Dream’
‘A Wolf In Geek’s Clothing’
‘The Sun’
‘The Source’
‘No Way’
‘Girls Like You’
‘Young Blood’

The Vaccines followed and threw in their Minor Threat cover version of ‘Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White’ (originally recorded by The Standells), during their debut headline set.

They also performed a host of songs from their 2011 debut ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?’ including ‘Wetsuit’, ‘Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’, ‘If You Wanna and Post Break-Up Sex’.

“That was really exciting because it’s our first time here and it was a big gig for us,” frontman Justin Young told NME.

“It kicked off our festival season in the UK too so it’s all go from here on in.”