We spoke to the naked guy from Foos’ Glastonbury headline slot about being Dave Grohl’s ‘Hero’

"I think the excitement took over"

Foo Fighters delivered a huge Glastonbury headline slot on Saturday night – but their thunder was almost stolen by a man with no clothes.

A man, no less, who then managed to get noticed by Dave Grohl – with the Foo Fighters frontman dedicating ‘My Hero’ to him.

Now, he’s spoken to NME on condition of anonymity – and revealed all on getting a shout out from the man he calls “God”, and how a drunken night in Shangri-La inspired their now-infamous stunt.


Here’s what he had to say.

So you’ve managed to get ‘My Hero’ dedicated to you by Dave Grohl while naked. How the hell did that happen?

“Me and my mates had been pretty much naked all weekend, and it kind of became a joke. We all got on each other’s shoulders, I was on top of my friend’s shoulders who got on top of another friend’s shoulders. We were in a three and we were all naked.

“As you can imagine, I was very high up – I took off my bandana and my bumbag and there was a cheer from the crowd.

“There was three of us, and we’re all over six foot – so I was 18 feet up in the air. That’s how they probably first recognised us.”


Are you a big Foo Fighters fan then?

“Yeah, I’ve seen them at Reading, but I’ve been waiting ever since. I was absolutely gutted when they cancelled two years ago, so I think the excitement took over.

“This time round, they were the best act of the weekend – the atmosphere was better than anything else I saw all weekend. It was incredible.”

Were you naked for the whole set? It must have got pretty chilly as the night went on.

“We were at various points, but when we thought about putting our clothes back on, we’d just take them back off again.”


How long was it before you realised that your naked body had exploded across the internet?

“It was the next day, we were wandering around hungover and people began shouting “You’re the naked people!”

“I didn’t initially think anything of it – but we then looked online and couldn’t believe it. It’s been mad.”

What do your family make of it all?

“They found it pretty funny, they’ve said it’s up there with my biggest achievements.”

How does it feel to know that Dave Grohl has seen you naked?

“Well, we were chanting ‘God’ throughout the whole gig, so we’re just impressed that God has found us naked.”

Foo Fighters Glastonbury 2017
Foo Fighters headline Glastonbury

What was your initial inspiration behind it?

“We were in Shangri-La the night before and we all just started to do it. One by one, we were all on top of each other’s shoulders and we began thinking whether it would be possible to do three in a row for a headliner.

“One of my friends is pretty big – but he buckled and that’s when everything first got revealed. I fell from about ten feet, but I was OK!”

Finally, did you get any bad reaction at all?

“No, not at all! I’ve actually got two tattoos on my bum. One says “Kavos 10” from when I went on holiday seven years ago, and the other says “Maga 11″. They’re not very good, but the people behind us were loving it and asking what they said.”