The National say they need to ‘change and evolve’ on next album

Band working on follow-up to 2013's 'Trouble Will Find Me'

The National frontman Matt Berninger has outlined plans for his band’s next album, stating that he wants it to be “different” to anything they have released before.

The US band released their sixth album ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ in 2013, recently showcasing new song ‘Roman Candle’ live.

Having recently stated that the band won’t release a new record for at least another year, speaking to The Independent, Berninger has now said: “We’re trying to get in a room together more often for the next record and that’s been really fun, not tinkering over things obsessively on our own.”

“We’ve been getting a lot of loose ideas together and just getting in a room and fucking around and having a blast for like a week. We also want to play a lot of songs live before we record them this time as it can help us better figure them out,” the singer added.


Quizzed about the new music, Berninger continued: “Some of the songs feel quite different. There were ones being kicked around that felt like the best version of that kind of song we’ve ever done, but we’ve done it before – even if it’s the best National song I’m not sure if we need another great ‘National song’ – I’d rather try to do some other stuff and fall on our face than make another record that is interchangeable. Not that I think that of the other records but I know we need to change, we need to evolve.”

“I think The National need to do other things to keep us excited about The National”.

Berninger recently issued an update on the recording sessions for their next album, describing their new songs as “very fucking amazing”.

Guitarist Aaron Dessner added: “We’re not afraid, I think, to write hooks now,” before he described the new songs as “a bit razory, brighter” and “a little bit harsher.”