The National’s Matt Berninger triggers airport evacuation

Singer taken into federal custody over bomb-shaped clock

The National‘s Matt Berninger recently caused an airport evacuation over a comedy gift misunderstanding.

Berninger was taken into federal custody on suspicion of terrorism while waiting for a connecting flight to Kauai.

“I had bought a novelty clock in Tokyo, some sort of MacGyver, goofball alarm clock that happened to look exactly like a bomb. I had the Honolulu Airport evacuated for about 45 minutes,” Berninger told

The singer was set to meet his wife and one-and-a-half-year-old daughter for their “first official family vacation” after a long overseas press schedule.

“Suddenly I hear my name being called and my name’s flashing on all the monitors, and I was supposed to report to security,” he said. “I was kind of hoping that maybe I could finish this 15-minute massage chair thing first then realized that maybe I shouldn’t.”

After approaching a security desk, The National man was told the airport was being evacuated and he suddenly realised his mistake.

“I ultimately had to surrender the alarm clock to the TSA but they were very pleasant and professional,” said Berninger. “They had done a great job and I thanked them and they let me go.”

He then apologized to all travellers that may have missed their connecting flight that day.

Meanwhile, The National played Glastonbury this weekend (June 26) with Berninger spending part of the gig singing from within the crowd.