Check out The National’s new studio version of rare, unreleased track ‘Rylan’

The National have recorded a new studio version of their rare and unreleased track ‘Rylan’.

The seldom-played track exist in very few places for fans, but now The National have laid it down in crystal-clear quality for US radio station KEXP. Along with a number of tracks from their latest record ‘Sleep Well Beast‘, one of NME’s Albums Of The Year 2017, the band also surprised fans by airing the rarity ‘Rylan’.

“This called ‘Rylan’, which we haven’t really done since we did it on a four-track somewhere,” said frontman Matt Berninger. “I don’t know if these are the correct lyrics but we’ll give it a shot.”

It remains uncertain as to whether or not the band will ever commit the track to record for release, but The National did recently tell NME that they already have an album’s worth of new material recorded.

“Oddly, there was a whole other strain of music that we were making that we were all very excited about,” guitarist Aaron Dessner told NME. “That was more of us playing in a room and more of a conventional ‘National as a rock band’ thing. There was a brightness to it, and a lot of the songs didn’t need anything adding to them. There was a whole batch of stuff like that a couple of years ago, then we ended up going down all these different rabbit holes and ended up where we are now on ‘Sleep Well Beast’.

“Part of me wonders if we’ll revisit some of what we were doing before. It was a breath of fresh air. We were capturing something that felt almost complete.”

With the band currently talking about taking a mobile studio with them on the road to work on new tracks, frontman Matt Berninger added that it certainly wouldn’t be another four year wait between albums like it was since 2013’s ‘Trouble Will Find Me‘.

“It will definitely be less than four years,” Berninger told NME. “I don’t know if it will come in the form of a National record, but we’ve been doing a tonne of music together for stuff that might be for other things. There’s no plan to do a ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ kind of two album deal.”

The National at Hammersmith Apollo, London

The National at Hammersmith Apollo, London

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