The Needs split

But Sugababes could benefit from it

The Needs have split.

The band, formerly known as Special Needs, have called it a day saying that it is “hard to admit your best days are well and truly on someone’s camera phone sometime near last Christmas.”

In a statement issued to NME.COM, guitarist Andrew Pearson said: “What happened in effect was that Neil (Allan – drums), Daniel (Shack – guitar), Phil (James – bass) and I decided our heads had dropped so low and life was becoming rather an obstacle that we couldn’t carry on. We wanted to speak to Zachery (Stephenson – vocals) before the Elbow Rooms (November 17) but he had some terrible news that day and we couldn’t bring ourselves to… and then the rumours started.”


He added: “And there were these portents of doom, like on that day the guy who mastered (last single) ‘Blue Skies’ died and our bunker was knocked down for re-development and I woke up in the night and stepped on my old guitar entirely breaking one string and my own heart.”

“It’s a bit hard to admit your best days are well and truly on someone’s camera phone sometime near last Christmas.”

The Needs had recently completed work on their debut album with Ian Grimble, best known for his work with Manic Street Preachers and Travis, though there are now no plans for the release of the record.

Pearson said: “There are so many reasons for this and this is only my version of why we have finished. There obviously were some problems within the band between members. This is not anything to do directly with why we have done this, and we will all be friends I’m sure. A dark collection of individuals stopped me wanting to do this, namely the fucking drugs wankers and stupid people who think they’re Nancy Spungen. And everything went rather grim since we got signed for whatever reason.”

“It used to be the easiest thing before last Christmas,” he continued. “I had this job and I counted the hours to the next gig, changed into my jeans and ran to the venue; playing being such a bloody pleasure and a source of excitement. The last few gigs – except The Good Ship (October 20) – I felt sick at the prospect at standing in front of people with somebody else’s electric guitar, since I believed not in what I was doing.”

The band are best known for their three singles ‘Sylvia’, ‘Francesca’ and ‘Blue Skies’ and the future could hold some reflected fame with a little help from Sugababes.


Pearson explained: “The Sugababes might take one of our songs. Which would give an untold sense of satisfaction and feeling of those whelks in the sea getting some sort of jacuzzi.”

A statement from The Needs press officer said that “there has definitely been some good interest and this is being followed up.”