‘The New Abnormal’: The Strokes look to be teasing new material

"You think you’ve been waiting⁣, but the wait has just begun...⁣⁣"

The Strokes look to be teasing new material on their social media accounts.

Tonight (February 7), the band have shared a new video on their Twitter and Instagram, along with the caption ‘The New Abnormal’, which looks like it could be the title to a new song or album.


Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr has added more info in a post on his own Instagram, sharing the same video and writing: “You think you’ve been waiting⁣, but the wait has just begun…⁣⁣ Welcome to ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?⁣.” The post concludes with the caption #thestrokes2020.

The band recently played a New Year’s Eve show at the Barclay’s Centre in Brooklyn, at which Julian Casablancas confirmed that the band will release a new album in 2020.

After asking the 19,000 strong crowd if they’d like to hear a new song, Casablancas said: “Yeah, we have a new album coming out soon. Surprise. 2020 here we come.

“We took the 2010’s – whatever the fuck they’re called – we took ’em off but now we’ve been unfrozen and we’re back.”

The Strokes
The Strokes (Picture: Getty)


The band played new song ‘Ode To The Mets’ at the show, while the band also debuted another new song, ‘The Adults Are Talking’, last summer. It follows months of speculation that The Strokes are finishing up their long-awaited new album, which lead guitarist Nick Valensi said had been complete back in September.

The New York indie outfit’s last album ‘Comedown Machine’ was released back in 2013, which was followed by the 2016 ‘Future Present Past’ EP.

This week, The Strokes have announced a string of last-minute gigs in Berlin, Paris and Belfast and three headline festival sets in Scandinavia.

The Strokes will also perform at a Bernie Sanders rally next week (February 10) in support of the Democratic presidential hopeful.