The new Offspring album “sounds like their old shit”

"That’s what I’m supposed to say, right?"

Dexter Holland has revealed that The Offspring’s new album recalls their earlier material.

The pop-punk legend has given an update about his band’s upcoming tenth album – the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Days Go By’ – which he said is pencilled for an autumn 2019 release.

“It sounds like our old shit! That’s what I’m supposed to say, right?” Holland told Kerrang!


“I don’t really know how to describe it. I guess it’s punk rock, but then we throw in a couple of songs that aren’t what you’d normally predict. We have a lot of really fast stuff on there, plus a couple of things that you might not really expect from us. But I’m really really happy with it. It’s not completely finished, but it is 98% finished. So we’re trying to put together a plan to release it.”

“We’re kind of in the process of putting that together, but, geez, I’d imagine it’d be out by the fall,” he added.

Though Holland said that the band are aiming for a release later this year, he said that they are “free agents” since completing their record label contract with Sony.

He added: “We were on Sony ever since ‘Ixnay [On The Hombre]’ – and we finished out our contact. We did, like, seven records for them. We’ve got to be the only band that’s ever finished out a record contract without being dropped by their record label. We didn’t get dropped, we just finished! But then we took a couple of years off because I wanted to go back to school, but now it’s, like, ‘We’re back! Anybody want to sign us up!'”

The band’s guitarist Noodles confirmed in February that they had finished recording the new record.


Elsewhere, speaking to MusicFeeds in 2018 about the new record, he said: “[We’ve worked] on and off on this record for five years, really. But we had a real productive string this year, in the earlier part of the year.

“We had probably five or six songs that we did just right then and it started to feel like maybe this is the direction we should be going with this record.”

He added that the upcoming release will contain “a little bit more straight-forward Offspring stuff.”