The Nude Party share rollicking new single ‘What’s The Deal?’

Described as "a cross section of 1967 hitting the Stones, Velvet Underground and more"

The Nude Party are back with a fresh cut from their forthcoming second album, ‘Midnight Manor’.

‘What’s The Deal’, which the band describe as “a cross section of 1967 hitting the Stones, Velvet Underground and more”, is a roaring four-minute rock number that previews the North Carolina-formed band’s new record.

Patton Magee said of the track: “I was watching a loved one’s mind slowly depart from her brain, year by year. Leaving just scattered fragments of memories and faces. All the mirror-neurons in my head were going haywire, trying to duplicate how it feels to lose your grip on everything. ‘What’s The Deal?’ is trying to make sense of that weird contract forced on us between getting here and going.”


‘Midnight Manor’ is released on October 2 via New West Records. Check out the tracklist below:

1. ‘Lonely Heather’
2. ‘Pardon Me, Satan’
3. ‘Cure Is You’
4. ‘Easier Said Than Done’
5. ‘Shine Your Light’
6. ‘What’s The Deal?’
7. ‘Cities’
8. ‘Thirsty Drinking Blues’
9. ‘Time Moves On’
10. ‘Judith’
11. ‘Things Fall Apart’
12. ‘Nashville Record Co.’

NME caught up with the US band after their party starting set at All Points East 2019.

The day in question was dominated by the New York indie nostalgia of the likes of The Strokes and Interpol, leading NME to ask if they’d ever felt the weight of the NYC scene’s influence. “I think no – that the sound we brought from North Carolina has remained true, organic and natural to a T,” one bandmember replied.

“We brought it to Upstate New York and that’s influenced us. We have goats, we have chickens, we have ducks. The agriculture influence is mind and body, but musically-speaking we’re very much of the same major.”


Reviewing the band’s APE set, NME concluded: “Imagine The Velvet Underground if they escaped New York and got high by the beach. This is what a good time sounds like.”

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