Take a bow, 14-year-old Ashley Hitchcock...

THE OFFSPRING’s million dollar giveaway has been won by a 14-year-old from GEORGIA, AMERICA.

The winner was Ashley Hitchcock, who was automatically entered into the draw for the $1 million prize on the band’s website, [url=]www.theoffspring.com, after downloading their single, ‘Original Prankster’. Four finalists were chosen, all of whom had to answer questions about the band in order to scoop the first prize.

Ashley Hitchcock had made a pact with fellow finalist Christina Belmont that they would share the prize if either of them won, and according to reports today they intend to stick to their word.


Ashley, who said she will buy a house and car for her dad, and pay off his debts with her share of the winnings, which were presented to her in $100 bills during a ceremony in New York’s Times Square, is reported as admitting: “It’s overwhelming. I can’t believe I won.”

Noodles from the band said: “She seems like a great kid. Hopefully she’ll be smart with it. I think she will.”

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