The Offspring preview new album at Download

Plus Noodles gets a 'huge boner' onstage

The Offspring previewed their forthcoming new album at Download tonight (June 14) during a hit packed set on the Main Stage.

The pop punk pioneers showcased three new tracks – ‘Hammerhead’, ‘You’re Gonna Go Far Kid’ and ‘Half Truism’ – from their new record ‘Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace’ for an eventful set which saw large sections of the crowd singing along to their hit singles.

Arriving onstage dressed in a black baseball and white striped shirt, singer Dexter Holland: “How you guys doing? I love this place.”


He later revealed to the audience that he met Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi backstage.

Rolling through their backcatalogue, the pop punksters sparked mass sing-a-longs for the likes of hit singles ‘Hit That’, ‘I Want You Bad’ and chart topper ‘Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)’ which guitarist Noodles introduced with the Monty Python catchphrase, “Now for something completely different.”

Upon finishing the track he joked: “I made a mistake on that last song. I know it was there. Thanks for putting up with my crappy guitar playing. You people rule.”

As the band arrived back onstage during the encore, a girl in the audience flashed her breasts on the giant video screens to the side of the stage.

“It is a pretty attractive crowd out there tonight don’t you think?” quipped Dexter. “Good gene pool,” before Noodles screamed: “I’ve got a huge boner!”

Closing the set with ‘Self Esteem’, the geeky guitarist thanked the crowd and added: “You have been fucking phenomenal. Great day. Thank you Download.”


The Offspring played:

‘Bad Habit’

‘All I Want’

‘Come Out And Play’


‘Million Miles Away’

‘Walla Walla’

‘Come Away With Me’

‘Have You Ever’

‘Staring At The Sun’

‘Gotta Get Away’

‘Want You Bad’

‘You’re Gonna Go Far Kid’

‘Hit That’


‘Pretty Fly’

‘Half Truism’

‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’

‘Head Around You’

‘That’s What Happened To You’

‘Self Esteem’

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