Axl Rose gets angry about the cheeky name of The Offspring's new album...

THE OFFSPRING have landed themselves in the midst of controversy after making a joke at AXL ROSE’s expense.

The Californian punk band were proposing to call their next album ‘Chinese Democracy (You Snooze You Lose)’ in reference to [a][/a] long-mooted ‘Chinese Democracy’ LP, a record that has been under development for eight years.

However, Rose has hit back with a cease and desist letter from his attorneys, according to The Offspring’s‘s official website, The Offspring regarding future action.


To add insult to injury, after announcing the departure of long time-drummer Ron Welty last week on their website (March 18), the band revealed that his replacement would be Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, The Vandals). Freese worked on Rose’s ‘Chinese Democracy’ four years ago but is unknown whether any of his work will appear in the final version, which still has yet to get a release date.

Welty, however, will now concentrate on his new band. In a statement, he said, “After more than 15 great years with The OffspringI’ve decided to leave to devote all my energies on a new project called Steady Ground. I wish Dexter, Noodles and Greg the best of luck moving forward and it’s time for me to focus on my own thing.”

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