The band are encouraging fans to download new album 'Conspiracy Of One' off Napster...

THE OFFSPRING are heading for a showdown with their record label by encouraging fans to download new album ‘CONSPIRACY OF ONE’ through Napster.

In a posting on the band’s website (, placed during a current promotional trip to Europe, guitarist Kevin ‘Noodles’ Wasserman said he wanted fans to hear the album well ahead of its November 13 release.

The Offspring had originally intended to make the album available for MP3 download through their site. However, Sony, the parent company of their label Columbia, had threatened to take out a court injunction preventing the move. The Offspring had prepared a Breach Of Contract counterclaim at the end of September until both sides agreed to stand down. The Offspring were allowed to place forthcoming single ‘Original Prankster’ on their site for download. Fans who take advantage of the offer are entered into a draw to win $1million. However, the band were still unhappy with the result and claimed later, “We got fucked.”


The new move by the band looks set to inflame the situation again.

In the new posting, Noodles also declared his delight at the record, calling it “the most straightforward punk-fucking-rocking record” they have ever recorded.

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