Guitarist Noodles outlines the pop-punk band's shock change in direction...

THE OFFSPRING claim their new album, tentatively titled ‘PLATE JOB’, will sound like boy band N*SYNC.

Posting a response to fan enquires about the bands change in direction on that are asking me if the record is really going to sound like N*Sync.., of course it is. I mean why would we pass up a chance to be part of the “boy band” genre. Step aside Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and O-Town, we are the boy band of the future.”

Elsewhere Noodles spoke at length about the progress of the album, the recording of which has been moved from their Southern California studio to producer Brendan O’Brien‘s studio in Atlanta, Georgia.


Noodles said: “We’ve been very hard at work on the new record, which in my humble opinion is going to be the best thing you’ll ever hear in your entire life. Actually, I am totally stoked with how it’s been coming along. Dexter has really written some great songs this time around, and we have gotten some of the phattest sounds happening. This is Ron‘s best record ever, his drumming sounds great. The bass and guitars sound beefier than anything we’ve ever done before. Almost all the instrumental tracks are finished and Dexter has vocals done on about seven of the songs. He is actually in Atlanta right now finishing the rest. We are finishing up in Atlanta because that’s where Brendan lives and he feels that he can get a better mix for us in his local studio.”

In other Offspring business, the band are taking time out to perform stunt men duties on a film they plan on releasing in correspondence with the album, which is being produced, filmed, and directed by Paul Cobb, who did the same for the ‘Americana’ video.

Elsewhere Noodles said the band are also planning a world tour where they hope to hit the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, UK, Japan, Australia and South America.

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