The Offspring appear in video game ‘World Of Tanks’ to celebrate new album

It includes a new 'TL1 LPC Pretty Fly tank'

The Offspring have teamed up with online video game World Of Tanks to celebrate the release of their new album.

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The veteran band released their new album ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’ last week (April 16), and had previously teamed up with the video game for the Wargaming Fest in 2019.


The new collaboration sees the creation of special limited edition in-game content featuring the band’s four members, and a new ‘TL1 LPC Pretty Fly tank’, which features “everything the band needs to put on an impromptu show, including all their instruments, stagelights, and more”.

Announcing the new content, World Of Tanks said: “Take the tarpaulin hood off the VIII TL‑1 LPC , crewed by The Offspring band members, don the signature Pretty Fly 3D style, and release your youthful energy on the battlefield, criss-crossing it as if you had a nitro boost!

“Or jump in another vehicle of yours which proudly wears The Offspring-themed Turn it up! 2D style, or is adorned by other customisation elements related to the famous band.”

The explainer added: “Wait, what? You don’t have Pretty Fly or any of the other stuff? We’ve got you covered! The tank and the customisations are back on sale (until April 26) to mark the return of true Californian punk rock to every living room (and every pair of headphones) on the planet. Check out all The Offspring-themed content bundles available, find the one you like, and say, ​’I choose’!”


Other rock heroes to feature within the game include Korn, who collaborated with World Of Tanks Blitz last year for a special Halloween event and to mark the release of their music video for ‘Finally Free’.

The Offspring, meanwhile, are set to take ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’ on a UK and Ireland arena tour this year alongside The Hives.

“After nearly two years of not playing for our fans, the idea of getting in front of the UK crowds is beyond exciting!” they said in a statement.