Preston: ‘…Buzzcocks bust-up was a laugh’

But singer brands Simon Amstell a 'snotty little posh boy'

The Ordinary Boys frontman Preston has broken his silence following stories he stormed off a recording of ’Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ on Wednesday (January 10).

According to reports, Preston took exception when host Simon Amstell started reading extracts from an autobiography written by his wife, former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ winner Chantelle Houghton.

Speaking to NME.COM, Preston declared he had no regrets leaving the show.


“I was happy I did it,” he said. “I want everyone to see that I’ve got fucking principles and my family is more important than my career.

“You can take the piss out of me, fair enough, but if someone took the piss out of my wife when I was in a pub I’d fucking hit them, and I didn’t want to hit someone on telly. So I just had to remove myself from the situation.”

Despite a spokesperson for ’Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ claiming that Preston had “stormed off…He literally walked out of the building,” the Ordinary Boys frontman denied he left in a mood.

“I didn’t storm off at all,” he explained. “I just calmly walked away. It was quite funny.”

However, Preston had some choice words for host Amstell.

“Since Mark Lamarr has left and they’ve got this guy (Amstell) on it who’s just some snotty little posh boy,” he said. “People just go on it and they just take this public fucking stoning – which someone else has written!”


The singer added he didn’t expect an apology from Amstell.

He revealed: “He hasn’t apologised, I was quite horrible about him as I left, so I don’t think I’m gonna get an apology.”

Preston’s appearance on ’Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ will form part of the new series, which begins on BBC2 on January 27.