Ordinary Boys reveal ilness that caused V cancellation

Bassist 'one hour from a serious incident'

The “flu” that caused The Ordinary Boys to cancel their performance at V Festival in Staffordshire yesterday (August 20) turned out to be serious medical condition.

When bassist James Gregory was rushed to hospital on Sunday, it was discovered he was suffering from quinsy, a condition that causes an abscess in the throat, the The Ordinary Boys’ management have told NME.COM.

The abscess was drained in hospital only one hour before it would have effected Gregory’s breathing. Left untreated the condition could have become life-threatening.


The bassist is currently under observation in hospital and is expected to remain there at least until tomorrow (August 22).

As previously reported on NME.COM, this was The Ordinary Boys’ first ever gig cancellation.

They plan to apologise by encouraging fans to suggest cover versions for the band to play on their forthcoming tour.